Bollinger PN VZ16

Bollinger PN VZ16

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Blend of the PN VZ16 edition: 100% Pinot Noir (Blanc de Noirs). Main growth: Verzenay, associated with other villages (Aÿ, Bouzy and Tarifières). Base year: 2016. Exclusive use of the cuvée.

Maturation: A maturation time in the cellar more than twice as long as the rules of the Appellation

Dosage: Moderate, 6 grams per liter

Sensations: To the eye: A colour with golden undertones. To the nose: Opens with fruity notes of apple, rhubarb, quince and mirabelle plum. After a few moments, hazelnut aromas complement the aromatic palette. On the palate: A wonderful creamy effervescence yields to a delectable and expressive quality. Exotic flavours, with brioche and hints of stewed fruit, precede a saline finish.

Pairings: Thin tomato tartlet. Rosé Champagne lentils risotto style. Sweetbread and chestnuts. Langres.